Message from Founder of Hispano Éxito
“I extend my most sincere appreciation to all those that have locked arms with me in making a difference in our community.  I invite you to join us in the beginning of a movement to make our city, our country and our world a better place for all.  Where there is a vision, there is provision and I give the Lord all the glory for using me as an instrument in doing His work.  Blessings now and always.”  Olga Naranjo


As the fast growing population we can either make or break this country, we have the opportunity to leave an imprint in the lives of many unreached children. We can guide them to be active not only in attaining the higher education, but in building a passion as a volunteer.

Our highest priority is to develop children into a life of endless opportunities, to lift them in spirit by showering them with a wealth of information that will keep them focused on attaining the best education while also serving a community in need.

HE is open to everyone regardless of faith or creed, and serves the rich and poor alike.

Poverty is measured in many ways, including but not limited to mental, emotional, financial and spiritual state. Hispano Exito builds a bridge from suburbia to inner city while blessing everyone in between.

Our key element is to strengthen academics and initiatives to prepare a successful generation.